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01/Blueberry Park

   Ministry of blueberry project currently has 8 blueberries base, a total area of 5241 acres, including a nursery base, an ornamental tour the base and six planting base. It has completed the seedling planting 2395 acres, 573 000 trees planting nursery stock, reserve and self-Tissue culture seedlings 1.1 million; a total construction of the winter Shed 7, Spring and Autumn shed 281. In 2012, more than 200 acres planting seedlings are expected to enter the fruit production period ,and we can harvest 8.6 tons of blueberry . It is expected in 2014 basically it can enter the park full fruit period.

02/Tea Garden Park

  It is located in Qingdao Cangma mountains and close to sea, it has beautiful scenery. Due to the influence of the marine climate,sea fog shrouds the base.It is quite comfortable in winter and summer. The base covers an area of ​​1000 acres, We have already completed the construction of park infrastructure and supporting and tea planting, including 37 Spring and Autumn sheds with magnesium chloride skeleton, 182 Spring and Autumn sheds with steel frame.The park water circuit and other supporting infrastructures have been basically perfect.
Unique environmental conditions, the standardization of production management, exquisite tea art creat long Yue tea excellent quality characteristics. 2011, it passed the original Qingdao Municipal Association for Science and Technology Group of Experts audit, and obtained the honorary title of the first science demonstration base in the original Qingdao Municipal Association for Science and Technology . At present, the main planting varieties of tea are Xinyang, Jiukong, Longjing, Maolv,Fudingdabai,Jinguanyin, Yingshuang. And it can be picked in June of this year.  


03/Tea processing center

  With an area of ​​17 acres and more than 30 sets of excellent tea equipment, it has formed a mature processing process and the technical specifications of the green tea and black tea.In 2011, tea shop passes the QS certification. Excellent product quality is always geting the praise from our customers .  


04/Tea shop

  In 2011, through the decoration of tea shop and specifications innovation of tea sales methods, it has now established a strong partnership with major customers. The store is located in the middle of Haiwang Road in Jiaonan, The traffic and transportation are all convenient so that it wins the favor of consumers.


05/Organic fruits and vegetables

  fruits and vegetables base of the Ministry of organic vegetable project covers an area of 102 acres. There are 38 daylight-type warm winter greenhouse, mainly engaged in high-quality organic fruit and vegetables. Part of winter greenhouses have been put into production, We have planted strawberries, tomatoes, chili crop, and some products have been listed; Vegetable Project plan the development of 1,000 acres of the organic vegetables and 220 acres of protected cultivation of vegetables.We adhere to the introduction of new improved varieties to ensure that all products are organic food. We also adhere to continue to learn advanced agricultural crop cultivation techniques, combined with modern management and quality control measures, the more assured you and your family to enjoy high-quality organic vegetables.


06/tissue culture center

  Longhui tissue culture center covers an area of 300 mu and reached with the Shandong Agricultural University on breeding promotion of new varieties of blueberries, cherries, strawberries and other fruit and vegetables, The transformation of the tissue culture room has been completed, and equipments, instruments, and technical personnels are in place. We have 10000 bottles purchased seedling,100000 strains of pot seedling , the configuration medium and subculture seedlings inoculated with the development work is ongoing. After 2012 the emergence is up to 3 million to meet the needs of the new base and the Commonwealth of late seedlings. 2011,Longhui successfully passed the review of the national tourism demonstration sites, obtaining the title of "national tourism demonstration sites.